One of the best things about being an estate agent is helping people buy homes. We have a significant role in making people’s dreams come true, so we love working with home buyers in East London.


Of course, buying a home isn’t easy, but this is why people call on estate agents. We can call on more than 20 years of experience as an independent estate agent in East London, and we have a strong track record in helping people buy homes.


Whatever your budget and your property dreams, Knights & Co work with buyers like you to achieve your dream outcome.


Arrange finance and mortgage help

Owning a home is the dream of so many people, households, and families, but dreams can become nightmares without the proper finance in place. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Knights & Co, we accept finances are a critical matter of buying a home, and it is essential to have this in place. We meet with you, we discuss your options, and we are happy to advise you on what options are available.


We are also happy to help you connect with brokers, financial advisors and experts in this field. We are an independent estate agent, so we only recommend professionals who offer excellent service and work to support your needs.


Don’t be put off by the need to arrange your finances before buying a home. Come and speak with Knights & Co, and we will ensure you feel confident about taking this step.


Find the property you love

Once you better understand the finances required to buy a property, it is time for the exciting bit. Even in a competitive housing market, many homes are waiting for you, but we take the time to help you find the property you love.


We do this by getting to know you and finding out what you need for your ideal home. Whether this is the number of bedrooms, outdoor space, local facilities or any combination of vital factors, we take what matters to you and place it at the front of the search process.


We have professional estate agents who have helped countless buyers like you find the property they love, and we are ready to help you find yours.


Specialist help for first-time buyers

We know it is a daunting prospect if you are looking to step onto the property ladder. However, we offer specialist help for first-time buyers, and we’ll make sure you are ready to make your move.


Many first-time buyers need additional help or assurance about the financial aspect and the commitment associated with buying a house.


We have already mentioned the mortgage support we offer and how we work with brokers to ensure you make the right decision for you. We provide additional support for first-time buyers, detailing the extra help available to people like you.


Whether you need Help To Buy explained or are interested in the Government-backed schemes that ensure you build a bigger deposit, we are here to assist you.

Please drop into our Barking Road office or contact us to arrange an appointment; we look forward to assisting you as best we can.


We explain everything involved with the home buying process

Buying a home is stressful for many reasons. It is easy to focus on the financial aspect, the sizable commitment and the changes you make to your everyday life. However, we know that one of the most stressful parts of buying property is understanding the terms used in the industry.


Buying property is a legal process, and understandably, it has many legal terms and, of course, a lot of legal documents.


Our experienced team is on hand to talk you through every part of the process, and if you need anything explained in more detail, please let us know.


Terms like conveyancing and surveying are standard terms in the property market, but if you are new to buying property, you might not know what the terms mean or why the work involved with these terms is so important.


We have buyer guides to take you from start to end of buying a home, and we explain the terms and what they mean to you. At Knights & Co, we are East London estate agents who are here to help you.


Part of the reason so many clients recommend us or use our services again because we do everything that we can to make the process simpler. Buying a home is never easy, but it can be more accessible, more straightforward, and something which allows you to enjoy the thought of buying a new house.


If you need help from a trusted and friendly East London estate agent, make sure you call on Knights & Co.


Contact Knights & Co today

So, to arrange an appointment that puts you well on the way to owning a home in East London, contact us today. You can call us or email us to arrange an appointment, and we look forward to assisting you as best we can.

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